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'Hall of Fame'

'The criteria for selection into the Canadian Hall of Fame is defined by outstanding achievements or role in the success of the FireFit Championships'


Definition - Top first year performance - time, placing and or contribution.
Year  Name  Department  Time
1996  Bill McGillvery  Surrey F.D., BC  2:00.01
1997  Gord MacKinnon  Vancouver F.D, BC  1:38
1998  Joel Lemaire  Merritt F.D., BC  1:40
1999  Mike Gilbert  St. Catherines F.D, Ont.  1:33
2000  Paul Cox  Vaughan F.D., Ont.  1:32
2001  Lance Hughes  Kitchener F.D., Ont.  1:30
2002  Ron Hache (Over 50)  Sudbury, Ont.  2:05
2003  Rob Towell  Thunder Bay, Ont.  1:34
2004  Brent Zulyniak  Edmonton, Ab  1:30.40
2005  Aaron Miller  Edmonton, Ab  1:30.45
2006  Chris Dunphy  St. Johns, NFLD  

2007  Jamie Richford  Moncton, N.B.  1:23.56
2008  Mark Younker  Halifax, N.S.  1:28.82
2009  Jason Bergeron  Moncton, N.B.  1:25.60
2010  Derek Coccimiglio  Lambton College, Ont.  1:25.66
2011  Reid Taylor  Delta, B.C.  1:30.40
2012  Ian Van Reenan  Lambton College, Ont.  1:21.80
2013  Thomas Elliot  Lambton College, Ont.  1:30.10

'Rookie Team of the Year 2002'

BRANTFORD, ONTARIO - Placed 19th at Nationals in Windsor at 5:08.16. Team members include 2002 fastest rookie time 1:34 Paul Mitten, Stephen Kostuk, Dave Searles, Shawn Cloet and Bryan White.


42. Brian Jones - The 5 time over 55 champion from Belleville, Ont., has set a new record every year. He also teamed up with teammate Ed Kuenig for the over 50 X3 Gold.

41. Kathy Babcooke - She was the 2 time Volunteer champion from Wolfville Nova Scotia. Kathy won the women's open championship at the 2007 Nationals in Halifax.

40. Jim Kolar - This Sudbury Ontario firefighter consistently finished at the top in the over 40 category taking the Gold in 2005 in Edmonton with a personal best time of 1:29. He became our over 45 champion in 2007 in Halifax with another sub 1:30 time.


39. Tanya Mayer - A member of Mississaga's 2 championship womens relay teams she made her mark in Edmonton winning the Gold medal. She has since lowered per personal best time to 2:16 as she continues to compete with the best.

38. Steve MacCullough - Guelph's top competitor since 1995 has always finished in the top standings. In Sherbrooke 2004 he posted a 1:23 and has stayed consistently at or under 1:30.

37. Rob Hebb - Winner of several regional events, Rob has worked for many years to bring Firefit to the maritimes. He was a host of two regionals before signing on to bring the Nationals to Halifax in 2007. He served as team captain to the team that took home the gold in the team and relay that year in Halifax, while posting a PB of 1:27.

36. Jerome Grand-Maison - For years has been teamed with Dwight Sinnett on the great Gaspe teams. He's been the worlds fastest volunteer 4 times. In 2005 he posted the best time of the season at 1:21 enroute to his silver medal at the Edmonton final. At Niagara Falls in 2006 he was able to capture the crown as he won individual gold in 1:20.


35. Malcolm Hills - Originally competing in 2002 Malcolm re-emerged as an Over 40 Competitor, Posting a World Best Time. At the 2003 Nationals in PEI he added a National Championship win, lowering the World Mark to 1:29.06. In 2004 he lowered his mark again en-route to a Silver finish Over 40 and a Team Relay Gold! Re-emerging again at the 2013 Edmonton Nationals he won the over 50 Gold medal.

34. Bob Murray - A best time in 2004 of 1:22.97 at Canadian Nationals in Sherbrooke, Quebec, helped Edmonton place 3rd in the Team Category as well as take home the Gold in the Relay. Organizer and catalyst behind the Edmonton Regional and National bids.  Bob became Canadian Champion in 2005 while Hosting the Canadian National Championships at the University of Alberta's Butter Dome. He again hosted the Nationals in 2013 and became the over 45 National champion en route to a record time of 1:24. Bob also was the inagural winner of the Peter (Zeus) Reid Award for outstanding contribution to the sport.

33. Sandy MacQuarrie - Organised a Relay Team for the 1998 National Championships in Penticton, BC and qualifying for the Kissimee World Event. Competed for the Crapaud Vol. F.D in PEI. Sandy and wife Darlene hosted the first PEI Regional in 2000 and was insrtumental in bringing Nationals to Charlottetown 2003 the same year he posted his first sub 2! Now re-located to the Ottawa region he still helps to promote and encourage others to participate and Host Events. In 2004 he lowered his PB to 1:49.25.

32. Windsor Relay Team - Jack Bailey, Darren Hillman, Rob Fawcett, Jim Marusic, Corey Bessette & Greg Kotsis. 5 Time Canadian and World Champions this team has lead the way and raised the bar for all those who dare to follow! The depth of this team is outstanding and showed true team work putting together a solid team effort is their strategy as the Relay unfolds. Their World's Fastest Time was set in 2005 during the Canadian Nationals Championship held in Edmonton with a time of 1:05.02.



31. Jocelyn Jobin - Won the title of World's Fastest Volunteer competing for the Tucumseh, On. Fire Department in 2002 running 2:21.12. In 2003 she finished 3rd for the second year at Nationals and now competing for the Windsor Fire Department. She capped off a fine 2003 Season winning silver at the World Challenge in Ottawa. In 2004 she set the worlds best time at 2:08.11 enroute to her Gold medal at the Sherbrooke Nationals.

30. John McGrattan - Turned 50 and immediately set a new Canadian Over 50 Record of 1:54.67 in Dieppe, NB. A great comeback after having major knee surgery last year and suffering burns to his feet. John also won the Canadian Championship in his division in PEI with a time of 2:00.00. Capping off his 50th year John captured the World Title in Ottawa being the first Canadian Over 50 Champion!

29. Christien Vezeau - One of the early organizers that has helped the Canadian Forces to be so competitive. In 2004 he joined the Over 40 Division, as well as the Chief's Division where he shone, setting a new record at the Comox, BC Event (1:35. ) He captured the Canadian Chiefs Title in a close race against Randy Kalan of Kitchener and held on to win the World Title in Ottawa on November 4th 2003. In 2004 he lowered the worlds best chief time to 1:27 enroute to his Gold medal at the Sherbrooke Nationals.

28. Mike Gilbert - Mike started at a high level being named Rookie of the Year in 1999. In 2004 he competed in 7 Regional Competitions consistently finishing under 1:30. He ran on the last race of the day at Charlottetown where he earned his Canadian Individual Championship at 1:20. In 2004 he repeated as National champion winning the gold at the Sherbrooke Nationals. In 2007 Mike finished second overall at the Halifax Nationals while lowering the over 40 world best time to 1:17.98.  At the 2008 finals in Quinte West he won gold again in the over 40 while earlier that week lowering the Best time ever recorded to 1:17.91. He capped off his competitive career by winning the National championship again at the Gaspe finals.

27. Carl Sinnett - Fire Chief of the Gaspe Fire Department, Father of Ryan & Dwight Sinnett and mentor to many. Carl's enthusiasm and love of the Fire Service and the Challenge knows no bounds! Carl's support has helped us bring the Challenge to the Gaspe Area of Quebec and create much interest in the Region as well as throughout the Province of Quebec. We can't thank him enough. 2009 will see the Championship finals in Gaspe.


26. Gloria White - Raised the bar in Windsor with a World Record time of 2:13.75 taking 8 seconds off the previous record. Already with a Bronze from the 1999 worlds under her belt, she brought back to Cambridge a World Champion title for 2002 from Deerfield Beach, Florida.

27. Esther Lakatos - Competing for Vaughan in 2000 she placed 2nd at Nationals with a 2:29, then collected a Bronze at the Worlds. 2002  she b ecame Canadian Champion running a World Record time of 2:11. 86 for women.

28. Roy Davis - 5 time World over 50 champ, WR holder in 50 & 60 division with an incredible over 60 time of 1:38.99. One of the most influential competitors of the first 10 years, he redefines what FF's will be able to do in the future.

29. Eric Denomme - 'The Viking' set the fastest time for a rookie in 2001 with a 1:30.41. Helped North Bay to a relay Silver and team Bronze at the World event in Florida. PB of 1:23.12 placed 3rd at the National Champs where North Bay finished 2nd in team & relay.

30. Dwight Sinnett - Broke onto the scene from Gaspe, Que. as the year 2000 Worlds Fastest Volunteer posting a 1:29 at Nationals in Moncton. Always exciting to watch he has continued to lower that Volunteer record to 1:23.53 in 2002, running against the Worlds top competitors. Prime Minister Jean Cretien saw fit to recognise his achievements by presenting Dwight with a special award of thanks and appreciation at the Gaspe Regional event. In 2004 at Chandler, Que. he lowered his PB to a 1:19.

31. Rob Fawcett - Placing 5th overall at 2002 Worlds, Rob is an important reason for Windsor's World Champ, and 2 time Canadian Champ Team. Set a PB of 1:25.80 in Windsor, competing with a torn Bicep muscle.

32. Jack Hickey - Jack first competed at the Halifax regional in 1998 and took back to the 'Rock' a desire for St. John's NFLD to host their own. He's been one of the driving forces behind the dept. and team that has improved so much. In Windsor Jack took 2nd in the Chief's category with a PB 1:43.16. At the 2002 Worlds in Deerfield Beach FL. he earned Gold in the Chief's Division on a tough course at 1:50. In 2006 he became Firefit champion in 2 categories at Niagara Falls with wins in the over 50 and chiefs division. He repeated the double gold performance in Quinte West 2008.

33. Colin Macauly - In his first full year of competition Colin started by winning FireFits Charity Stair Climb in hometown Vancouver. At Windsor he had the fastest time on Wild Card day, then finished 8th overall with an impresive 1:26.46. At WCXI in Florida he became the 3rd Canadian to earn ' King of the Jungle ' by winning the individual title in 1:28.26.


1. Francis Houle - Working with Brian Evans of FIDES Marketing, Francis worked tirelessly for years to promote FireFit & Scott Air Paks. Francis was the driving force bringing the events to Quebec because of his knowledge and valuable assistance in the ready area.

2. Ron Anderson - Representing Acklands/Grainger at all of the Ontario events the last 5 years. He has worked above and beyond to help the competitors and the event improve. Ron's the quiet man who's alway's there for us.

3. Tom Brayton - Whether working the event on the Scott Paks, competing on the course, or now as our gate keeper onto the course, Tom has been associated with the FireFit events since 1995. He's the head equipment man traveling everywhere in Canada, and could be responsible for bringing back 'TV dinners'.

4. Matt Muller - Competed as a Surrey, B.C. Volunteer at the first PNE event in 1994. He capped off 9 years of competition by winning the grudge match against Tim Gillam in 1:47.92, competing for the Ingersol, Ontario F.D. Matt has served as our Nationals head referee for years and runs our Firefit East office in Ingersol.

5. Jim Hession - From Acklands/Granger Ontario, a longtime friend and supporter of the Firefit events, Jim has been working hard to keep the competitors ready to go on the course. His extra assistance has made it possible to improve our sport.


19. Steve Denomme - One of the Flame Crushing heroes that have set fire to the North Bay area, thrilling crowds for the last 3 years. Always one of the top racers he helped propel the North Bay Team into contention. A 4th Place finish in the 2000 Nationals with a 1:29 served notice, and he continued on in 2001 seting a personal best at 1:27.12 in front of his home town crowd. His blistering tower run helped the North bay Team break the World Record in the relay 2 times during the 2001 Season.

2002 - Led the team which placed 4 under the 1:30 time. Finished the year with 2 Silvers at Nationals, and a Silver and Bronze at Worlds.

20. Darren Hillman - His blistering Tower Up & Down was the highlight as Darren helped Windsor win 3 Regionals & Nationals in 2001. Always pushing the limit Darren & Teammates broke the World Record for the Relay Twice establishing the Top Time of 1:07. He was instrumental in lowering the Team World Record down 2 times in 2001 including the Fastest ever 4:18.61 set in Burlington.

2002 - One of the most exciting moments came in St. Julie when Darren set the World Record at 1:18.80. He then led the Windsor team to Double Gold at Nationals & Worlds, setting team WR's in both.

21. Darleen Acton - This PEI Volunteer Firefighter & Mother of 3 drew National attention when in 2000 she became the Worlds Fastest Female Volunteer Firefighter with a Personal Record of 2:59, enroute to a 4th Place National Finish. She perservered again in 2001 winning the Charlottetown Regional in 3:04 to capture another World Crown for Volunteers.

22. Pete Romak - Helped spring North Bay to the top in a short time with his Robo like work ethic. Hard work has paid off at the North Bay Regionals as in 2001 Pete broke the Over 40 World Record in front of thousands of screaming fans with a 1:33.32. Twice in 2001 he and his teammates broke the World Relay Record battling Windsor all year for the Title. This lead to a head to head meeting at the Canadian National Championships in Shawinigan, Quebec.

2002 - Pete's greatest moment was yet to come as he smashed the over 40 WR in Windsor with a 1:28.30. He added a Silver and Bronze in Florida from Team & Relay.

23. The Vaughan Triple Threat! - 2 time World Champion Womens Relay Team, 2000 and again in 2001. 'The Vaughan Girls' pose a threat whenever they compete. Team Members Lisa Belanger, Jacqueline Rasenberg, and Ingrid Van Gelder broke the 2 minute mark for the first time at the World Championships in 2001 where they brought home the title once again setting a new World Record in the Womens Division.

2002 - Set a new World Record at 1:44.45 as they won the Canadian Championships again.

24. Sherbrooke Difco 2 time World Champion Relay Team! In 1999 Sherbrooke, Quebec was the first Team to practice specifically for the Relay Event. It paid off as the Team, lead by Team Captain Daniel Gingras,won the Relay Championship at the Las Vegas Worlds! Sherbrooke became a 2 time World Champion the next year in Las Vegas, again winning in the new "playoff system"! Known for their good natured spirit and love of red wine this team is always up for a good race!! In 2008 they came back to claim another championship trophy in Quinte West.

1999 Team: Daniel Gingras, Etienne Bedard, Alexandre Groleau, Yann Bergeron, Jean-Sebastien Blais.

2000 Team: Daniel Gingras, Alexandre Groleau, Etienne Bedard, Pascal Robert, Francois Poulin.

2008 Team: Daniel Gingras, Alexandre Groleau, Francois Poulin, Alexandre Marcoux, Claude Langlois.

25. Patrick (Patman) O'Connell - Patman helped get FireFit in Canada on its way during the first Tour in 1995. Travelling across the country and helping Dale set-up the course, officiating and competing, Pat even built the first Junior Challenge course which has been used with great success over the years! Hired by the Delta Fire Department, he has been the driving force behind securing the Delta Teams Sponsorship which has enabled them to travel and compete at the top level. Delta placed 3rd in the Team Category at the 2001 Canadian National Championships and 6th at the 2001 World's, with Patman posting his personal best 1:33.99 competing with a hip injury.


12. Mark Evans - An original member of Brampton's 3 time World Champion Team, Mark was the 99 Over 40 Canadian Champ, then placed 2nd in this category at the World Championships. Personal best time to date: 1:39.26

2002 - Canadian Champ again with a PB 1:34.93.

13. Dan Rowland - A scorer for Brampton since their first Nationals in Vancouver 1994. Dan has always come through with his best efforts when needed, helping Brampton to National Titles in 94, 95, 96, 99 & 2000. Best time to date 1:34.73

14. Kevin Schulze - An original member of the Surrey, BC team which placed 7th at Worlds in Tampa (96), he placed 2nd overall. After several years off he returned to lead Surrey to a 2nd Place finish at the Canadian National Championships in Moncton, placing 2nd overall with a time of 1:27.02.

The best was yet to come as Kevin helped the Surrey team to the Silver medal at World Challenge IX. Running in the final race of the event he earned the title 'King of the Jungle' winning the individual crown with a 1:29.16.

15. Andrea Belczyk - She earned Silver for Vancouver, BC at the 99 Worlds in Las Vegas.

2000 - Became the Canadian Champion and holder of the fastest time to date for a female firefighter at 2:27.59. At WCIX she ran a 2:30 for her 2nd Silver medal.

2001 - Won in Memphis with a 2:26 for the world title.

2002 - Placed 2nd at Nationals and 2nd at Worlds. PB 2:13.98.

At World Challenge IX Andrea ran a 2:30, earning her 2nd Silver medal. In 2001 she won the Gold at Worlds with a 2:26.

16. Jack Bailey - Jack set the Canadian Individual record (1:28.45) in his home town of Windsor in July 2000. Jack has consistently placed at the top helping the Windsor Team to top ten finishes.

At World Challenge IX Jack placed 7th overall helping the Windsor team to 4th place and a trip to the podium.

In 2001 Jack took over, winning 3 regionals with a World Best Time of 1:22.10. He then became Canadian Champ in Shawinigan with a 1:24 & placed 2nd Overall at the Words with another 1:22.

2002 - 'Jumping Jack Flash' set the World Record at 1:17.96 to become the Canadian Champion, and helped his Windsor Team to victories in the Relay and Team at World Challenge XI in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

17. John Butler - John took the bronze at the 97 Worlds in the Over 40 category for Mississauga. With a best time of 1:38.24 at Moncton he became Canadian Champion in 2000.

John collected one medal higher in World Challenge IX in Las Vegas running a 1:40 to place second in the over 40 division.

In 2001 John placed 2nd at Canadian Nationals and won Bronze again in a tough category at Worlds.

18. Mark Millward - Mark served notice in 1998 placing second overall at the Canadian Championships in Penticton, BC. The Men in Black from Delta, BC went on to a 4th Place Team finish in Vegas at World Challenge VIII, ( 99) with Mark placing 4th overall at 1:32.

Mark led Delta to another top ten finish in Las Vegas 2000 running a 1:36 and an 8th place team finish for the 'Men in Black'.

2001 saw the Delta Team place 3rd at Canadian Nationas with Marke the 4th Overall Individual. Delta went on to a 6th Place Team placing at Worlds with mark 11th at 1:28.

2002 - Lowered his PB to 1:27.85 leading Delta to 5th place at Nationals.

Turning 40 he immediately lowered the over 40 world best to 1:27.50 in Chilliwack in 2006,and has been medaling at the Firefit championships since.


1. Peter Reid (Zeus) - was the first to master the fast walk as a 3 time Canadian Individual Champion he helped the Brampton Team to 5 Canadian Titles and 3 World Championships.

1994 - Canadian Champ. Time of 2:04 was 6th Individual at St. Louis Worlds. Brampton placed 5th.

1995 - Canadian Champ. Time of 1:58 was 5th at Tampa Worlds. Brampton placed 5th.

1996 - Canadian Champ. Time of 1:41 was 2nd Individual at Las Vegas Worlds. Brampton won the World Championship Title.

1997 - Best time of 1:39 helped Brampton to a Second Place Team Finish at Las Vegas Worlds where he broke his wrist after falling with the dummy.

1998 - Best time of 1:38 helped Bramton to its Second World Championship in Orlando.

1999 - Canadian Team Champions. Best time of 1:35 helped Brampton to their Third World Championships in Las Vegas.

2000 - Canadian Team Champions. Best time of 1:31

2002 - Brought Brampton back to 3rd at Nationals. PB - 1:27.28.

2. Stirling McNeil - One of the most consistent and tallest competitors in Canada has been part of the Kanata Team since 1994.

1994 - Best Time 2:07 helped Kanata to 3rd Place finish at St Louis Worlds.

1995 - Best Time 2:05 placed Kanata 3rd at Canadian Nationals and 10th at Tampa Worlds.

1996 - Best Time 1:47 placed Kanata 4th at Las Vegas MGM Worlds.

1997 - Best Time 1:34 led Kanata to its second Bronze medal at Las Vegas Worlds.

1998 - Best Time 1:43 placed Kanata 8th at Kissimmee Worlds.

2000 - Third Place in the Canadian Nationals Team Category AND... Led Team Ottawa to the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM TITLE, setting a new World Championship Team time of 4:40.53!! Stirling also placed 3rd overall in the individual category!

2001 - 3rd Place Individual at Canadian National Championships (1:29). 3rd Place Individual at World Championships (1:24) An outstanding year!

3. Shane Ireland - Along with Stirling and Ren Clement finished in the Worlds top 10 all 6 years they have competed, including twice winning Bronze at World Championships and the World Championship Title in 2000!

1994 - Best Time 2:06

1995 - Best Time 2:11

1996 - Best Time 1:51

1997 - Best Time 1:38

1998 - Best Time 1:44

2000 - Best Time 1:36. Key player on the World Champion Team from Ottawa

2001 - 8th Placed Individual at Canadian National Championships (1:33). Ran a 1:32 at the World Championships.

4. Philippe Miller - On July 1, 1997 became first competitor to run a 1:35. Phil has been the top scorer for the Ottawa Ontario team with outstanding performances since 1995. 2000 brought Philippe the gold with a first place Team Time earning he and his team members from Ottawa, the World Championship title!

1995 - Best Time 2:07 placed Ottawa 15th at Worlds.

1996 - Best Time 1:49 was 3rd Individual at Canadian Nationals, Ottawa won Canadian Bronze. His 1:48 at Worlds placed him 13th overall and led Ottawa to 10th place finish.

1997 - A Time of 1:41 led Ottawa to 8th Place at Las Vegas Worlds.

1998 - 4th Place Individual Time of 1:37 led Ottawa to another Worlds 10th Place Team finish.

2000 - 6th Place Individual finish at World Challenge 9 with a 1:34 enroute to the Team Title.

2001 - Captained the Ottawa Team to a 2nd Place Finish at Canadian National Championships and a 5th Place Worlds finish.

5. Brent 'Blastoff' Hastings - Won 4 Canadian Individual Championships and became King of the Jungle at the 1998 Kissimee Worlds.

1996 - His time of 1:47 led Brampton 'B' Team to 25th Place at Las Vegas Worlds.

1997 - Canadian Champion. A 1:32 at Worlds was 4th Fastest Individual Time with Brampton Placing 2nd in the Team Competition at Worlds.

1998 - Canadian Champion. World best time of 1:32 led Brampton to their 2nd World Championship win.

1999- Canadian Champion running a 1:29 in London. Led Brampton to 5th Canadian Championship, and their 3rd World Championship title with a 3rd place individual time of 1:32.

2000- Ran the fastest time ever recorded in North Bay at 1:23. In Moncton Nationals won the individual at 1:24 leading Brampton to their 5th Canadian team championship.

6. Arno Toms - Big Arno invented the High Rope Pull in 1996, bringing crowds to their feet with his blistering pace. Led Toronto to 4th at Nationals and 6th Place at Las Vegas MGM Worlds that year.

1997 - A time of 1:34 saw Arno take 2nd Place Individual time at London Nationals leading Toronto to their first Canadian Championship win.

1998 - Recording a 1:40 at the Canadian Nationals, placing 3rd overall and leading Toronto to their second consecutive National Championship

7. Randy Kalan - Helped lay the foundation for the Canadian Series by organizing and hosting events in 1995 & 1996, the Kitchener Teams placed 22nd and 18th at the Worlds respectively. Randy has won the Canadian Chiefs Category 6 times.

1997 - Gold medal in the Chiefs category with a 1:45 at Las Vegas Worlds.

1998 - Once again Randy led the Kitchener Team to the finals posting a 1:45 to win his second consecutive World Championship in the Chiefs Division.

2000- 3rd Gold medal in the Chiefs category with a 1:47 in Las Vegas.

2001 - Set World Best Chiefs record of 1:38.20

2002 - Bettered the Chiefs record to 1:35.90. Randy added the Firefit Gold again in 2003,2005,2007,2010,2013.

8. Mark Daniels - Instrumental in the development of our National Championships, Mark and Terry Buckley brought us a true Nationals at the CNE in 1995 and 1996.

1995 - 2:16 placed the Toronto Team 28th in Tampa.

1996 - 1:50 at MGM, where Toronto moved up to a 6th Place finish.

1997 - Paced the Toronto Team to their first National Championship. Ran a 1:40 at Las Vegas Worlds for a 5th Place Team finish.

1998 - His 1:40 took 4th Place Individual and helped Toronto win their second consecutive Canadian Nationals. Led the Team to a Silver Medal at the Worlds with a 1:38, giving Canada its first ever 1,2 Team finish!

9. Ron Arsenault - Almost single handedly brought the Challenge to the Maritimes. Organized and hosted an event in 1995, helped the organizers of the St. John Event in 97, and hosted another regional event in 1998 in Moncton. Has helped the Maritimes field World Class Teams by bringing Moncton the 2000 National Championships.

Best Time 1:33.37. Has helped the Moncton Team win the Maritime Regional Title 4 times.

10. Bill McNamara - Helped bring the First Event to the PNE in 1994. Competed as Canada's Over 50 Champion in 1995 & 1996 at the World Championships. Responsible for integrating into the Surrey Fire Department which fielded 12 teams at each regional and sent 3 to the Worlds. In 1995 Surrey placed 2nd at Canadian Nationals, 7th at the Tampa Worlds with Kevin Schulze placing second overall.

11. Tracy Bradt - Shows why the Challenge has made such an impact on the fitness of today's firefighters. Having trouble with her first event only served to drive Tracy harder towards her goals.

1996 - 5th Place in Womens Division at Canadian Nationals, 8th at Worlds.

1997 - 2nd at London Nationals, 3rd in Las Vegas Worlds with a 2:45.

1998 - Became Canadian Champion and finished the year with another Bronze at the World Champoinships in Kissimee, Florida.

1999 - Won Canadian Nationals with a 2:39.45 record at London.

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