FireFit Course

FireFit Course

In the Individual/Team Event, the Scott NxG, high pressure breathing apparatus is provided and must be worn by all participants. Competitors may use their own face piece. Competitors must finish the event without running out of air.

Teams are made up of 3 to 5 Individuals.  A Teams time is calculated using the 3 fastest individual times of the members of the team and adding them together.

In the Relay and X3 Events competitors are donned but do not breath from the Scott NXG pak,

The spirit of the FireFit Event is to showcase the demands of Fire Fighting.   It is a fire fighting competition and you are to be dressed as you would be at the scene of a fire. 

All competitors must compete in protective equipment.

All turnout gear, including boots, helmet, gloves, pants & jacket must be labeled NFPA 1971.  All gear MUST have NFPA 1971 label attached. Modification of gear null and voids the NFPA rating and will disqualify the gear from use on the course.

Helmets are the only exception for modification. Face shields maybe removed and the balaclava is not required for competition. Painting of helmets is allowed no other adjustments or additions may be made. NFPA stickers must remain in the helmet as well as the protective liner.

Boot Requirements

Competitor boots must meet all of the following requirements.

    All boots must be labeled NFPA 1971 structural fire fighting boots.

    Boots must be 10 years or less from date of manufacture.

    Heels must be 1/2" to 1" high, minimum 90 - 135 degree angle.

    Boots must be in good condition with no modifications allowed.

    Gear must be worn in the same manner it would be as at the scene of a fire.

    Resoled boots must be done so with approved NFPA 1971 vibram soles. The soles that meet this standard are: Montagna, Olympia.  Any other sole is not   allowed.

Inspectors will inspect all gear prior to participation and make official rulings on all questions regarding the gear to be used on the race course. Loaner turnout pants, jacket and boots and helmets are available to all competitors.

Competitors must start and finish the course with all equipment, i.e. SCBA, turnouts, helmet, gloves & boots. If any article is lost or dropped in the course of the competition a competitor must retrieve the item and replace it correctly before continuing. Unfortunately disqualification will result if items are not replaced.

In order to start the races in a timely manor, no adjustments to course equipment i.e. adjustment to pak, hammer, dummies will be allowed.

The Events

Competitors will be donned with Scott SCBA and ushered onto the course. The Starter will give the signal for the competitors to come forward.  Competitors may have their hands on the Hi-rise Pak but you may not lifting the pak off the ground. The starter will lower the flags into the start position, Competitors must wait for the flags to be raised on the 'Go' command; an early start may result in a restart or a 2-second false start penalty. Each event must be performed in the order specified below. To see the course click here

Task 1: Stair Climb
The first event is the stair climb with High Rise Pack. The High Rise Pak is a 4 foot bundle of 4 inch hose weighing 42 pounds. This is carried on the outside shoulder when moving up the stairs and must be deposited completely in or on the box on the top floor of the tower (40 ft., 6 flights, 60 steps). Missing the box constitutes a 2-second penalty. The hose load must stay on the platform or the competitor is disqualified. When ascending the tower hand rails may be used. Steps can be taken one at a time or in multiples on the way up. When descending handrails & steps must be used. Failure to touch each step on the way down will result in a 2 second penalty per infraction.
Task 2: Hose Hoist
A 45 lb Donut Roll of Angus LDH hose and 5/8" kern-mantle rope are used. Competitors 5'6" and under are allowed to stand on the Hi Rise pack (a 2 second penalty will be assessed if the Hi Rise Pack is not placed in the box after completing the hose hoist). The Donut Roll must be hauled (usually hand over hand motion) up to the top landing of the tower, lifted and placed in the box on the top of the tower. The Donut Roll must remain in or on the box. No part may touch the deck of the tower. A 2 second penalty is assessed if any part of the Donut Roll is touching the tower platform. The Donut Roll must not leave the top platform, (results in disqualification). A fallen donut roll may not be retrieved.
Task 3: Forcible Entry
The Forcible entry evolution utilizes a chopping simulator. Using the 8 lb. Trusty Cook shot mallet provided, the competitor moves the beam completely past the decal. Once this task is complete the competitor must place the hammer on the designated 4' x 4' area. If the hammer does not stay on the 4' x 4' area a 2 second penalty is given.
Task 4: Run
Competitors then walk or run as fast as he/she can around the hydrants a distance of 140 ft then shoulders the nozzle end of a 1.75" fully charged Angus Hi-Combat hoseline.
 Task 5: Hose Advance
Competitor then drags a 1.75" fully charged Angus Hi-Combat hoseline a distance of 75 ft. Once the nozzle crosses into the Nozzle Zone, the competitor hits a target with a water stream. Once the target is down the competitor shuts off the nozzle, dropping it to the ground. If the nozzle is not closed prior to hitting the ground the competitor must go back and close it, or take a 2 sec. penalty. If the nozzle opens again after hitting the ground, there is no penalty and the competitor can continue to the Victim Rescue.

Task 6: Victim Rescue
A 175 lb. Simulaids Rescue Randy mannequin must be dragged backwards a distance of 100 ft. Carrying the dummy in your arms or over your shoulder is not permitted. The mannequin must not be grasped by its clothing or appendages. Time stops when the competitor crosses the beam at the finish line with the mannequin.

FireFit Reserves the right to stop those competitors who they feel may be in distress or present a danger to themselves or others.

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