Registration / Pricing

Registration / Pricing

How To Register

  1. To enter a FireFit Event ensure that you and all of your Team Members have completed a Competitor Profile or updated your Competitor Profile if it is the beginning of new FireFit Season. To create a Competitor Profile click on the Create Login at the top of the page and follow the instructions.
  2. To take advantage of the FireFit Early Bird Entry Fee register at least 4 weeks prior to a given Event date.  After that the Regular Entry Fee Applies.  Registrations may be taken on day of Event space permitting but it is more expensive than the Regular Entry fee. In many cases Events will fill up and be closed for Registration, so it is recommended that you register early.

GST/HST Applies to Each Event based on the GST/HST rate of the province the Event takes place in

Event Pricing
GST/HST Applies to each event based on the GST/HST rate of the Province the event is held in
Regional Registration Event Fee


HST (13%)    ON HST (15%)    NS/NB/ PEI/NL
Individual (Early Bird) $55.00 $2.75 $7.15 $8.25
Individual (Regular) $70.00 $3.50 $9.10 $10.50
Individual (Late/Onsite) $80.00 $4.00 $10.40 $12.00
Team OR Relay Registration        
3-Person Team or Relay (Early) $165.00 $8.25 $21.45 $24.75
3-Person Team or Relay (Regular) $210.00 $10.50 $27.30 $31.50
3-Person Team or Relay (Late/Onsite) $240.00 $12.00 $31.20 $36.00
4-Person Team or Relay (Early) $220.00 $11.00 $28.60 $33.00
4-Person Team or Relay (Regular) $280.00 $14.00 $36.40 $42.00
4-Person Team or Relay (Late/Onsite) $320.00 $16.00 $41.60 $48.00
5-Person Team or Relay (Early) $275.00 $13.75 $35.75 $41.25
5-Person Team or Relay (Regular) $350.00 $17.50 $45.50 $52.50
5 Person Team or Relay (Late/Onsite) $400.00 $20.00 $52.00 $60.00
Team AND Relay Registration        
3-Person Team & Relay (Early) $240.00 $12.00 $31.20 $36.00
3-Person Team & Relay (Regular) $285.00 $14.25 $37.05 $42.75
3-Person Team & Relay (Late/Onsite) $315.00 $15.75 $40.95 $47.25
4-Person Team & Relay (Early) $320.00 $16.00 $48.00 $42.00
4-Person Team & Relay (Regular) $380.00 $19.00 $49.40 $57.00
4-Person Team & Relay (Late/Onsite) $420.00 $21.00 $54.60 $63.00
5-Person Team & Relay (Early) $400.00 $20.00 $52.00 $60.00
5-Person Team & Relay (Regular) $475.00 $23.75 $61.75 $71.25
5-Person Team & Relay (Late/Onsite) $525.00 $26.25 $68.25 $78.75
Tech2 Relay  2 Person        
Tech2 Relay (Early) / person $55.00 $2.75 $7.15 $8.25
Tech2 Relay (Regular) / person $70.00 $3.50 $9.10 $10.50
Tech2 Relay (Late/Onsite) / person $80.00 $4.00 $10.40 $12.00
Tech2 Relay  AND Individual        
Tech2 Relay & Individual (Early) /person $80.00 $4.00 $10.40 $12.00
Tech2 Relay & Individual (Regular) /person 95.00 $4.75 $12.35 $14.25
Tech2 Relay & Individual (Late/Onsite) /person $105.00 $5.25 $13.65 $15.75
April 3,2022        


3.      A team must have three individuals and may include up to five.

The course rules will be displayed and can be printed after you complete the On-Line Registration.

Entries are accepted on day of Event space permitting, however Competitor T-Shirts may not be available but may be mailed for a mailing fee.

Refund policy–Full refund for cancellation up to 14 days prior to event. No refund within 14 days of the competition.

Medal categories for Regional Competitions include top 3 in the following categories: Fastest Teams (sum of three best individuals times); Fastest Male; Fastest Female; Male 40-44, Male 45-49, Male 50-54, Male 55-59, Fastest Relay Teams, Tech2 Relay’s; Open, Female, Mixed, Over 40 & Over 50.


FireFit Championship Finals entry fees (Year End Final)

FireFit Final’s Entry Fee’s

(Cost per Person) for 1st event

Event Fee

PST 5%


Individual Race (A team is made up of 3-5 Individuals)




Relay  / person




Tech2 / person




FireFit Final’s Entry Fee’s

(Cost per Person)

for subsequent events

$40.00 $2.00 $42.00

5 person Team

on 1 Wild Card Day + Relay

(5 x $80)+(5 x $40)


4 days of Competition  if you

have a Bye or if team earns a

Wild Card spot onto Final Day.

(All Relay’s race 2 days)




5 Person Team on 2

Wild Card Day’s + Relay

(5 x $80)+ ((5 x $40)  x 2)


5 days of Competition if you

have a Bye or if team earns a

Wild Card spot onto Final Day.

(All Relay’s race 2 days)





Updated July, 2022


FireFit Championship Finals competition will include the above categories as well as Chief, Female Over 40, Male 60-100, Female Team, Female Relay, Over 40 Relay, Fire School Relay, and Industrial Relay.  RECOGNITION of these categories is subject to their being a minimum of 3 participants per Category. If there are 3 Participants within the Category then 1st Place will be recognized, 5 or more in a Category then top 3 will be recognized.

All FireFit events are held rain or shine. For more information call (604) 626-0918, fax (604) 626-0892 or e-mail FireFit


Registration & Events

All events are Open, meaning anyone may compete from any geographic area.  ‘Bye’ positions are Awarded to the 1st Place finishers in each Category from the Region into the FireFit Championship Finals.  A precise definition can be found on each Events Information Page Link located on the current years Schedule.

Teams are urged to sign up early as in many cases Events fill to capacity and the Registration has to be closed. All members on a team must be from the same department. Registration will be through our On-Line Registration System (via the FireFit web site). Teams should be registered a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to event in order to avoid late registration fees.

A team or individual is considered to be registered upon completion of the On-Line Registration including payment. Payment may be made by Visa, or Master Card On-Line Purchase Order is also accepted but please ensure you have your Department or Cities Purchase Order # before starting the On-Line Registration.

When registering On-Line the system automatically creates an Invoice which should be printed for Departmental / Union / Sponsor reimbursement.

Acknowledgement of your registration will be sent via Email and can be viewed On-Line from the Event Page by clicking on the Who’s Coming Link. The ‘Who’s Coming’ Page is a great tool for those using PO’s as you will be able to see if we have received your payment.

Refund requests, in the form of a credit, will be honored 14 days prior to competition; thereafter no refund.

The Waiver and Release form must be signed by every competitor prior to participation. The form stipulates that this is a “drug free” competition; by signing the form competitors acknowledge they are not using any performance enhancing or illegal drugs. You will receive & complete the waiver the evening prior to the event.   In order to practice on the course this form must be completed.  In some cases it is necessary to pick-up passes to get onto Fair & Festival Grounds where the Event is being held so it is important to make arrangements for someone to be at the Registration Confirmation.

FireFit will prepare confirmation documentation which must be verified by a team member at the Registration Confirmation held at the event site the night before each competition. Changes can be made at this time so that the Start List can be prepared for the following morning.

The start order is created by FireFit and will be posted the morning of the Event. We do our best to match those competitors who have never raced before against each other. Competitors with times will be matched against those with similar times. The Fastest competitors will run at the end of the day.

Things you Need to Know

All competitors should check the Event Information Page, for which they will be attending, to confirm what time they should be on site on the day of Competition.  They should also check the ‘Who’s Coming’ link on this page to ensure they are registered in the correct Events and Categories.

Substitutions due to injury, transfers, illness, shift changes are permitted.  Please inform FireFit as soon as you know that there is a change to your Registered Competitors so that the update can be made prior to Registration Confirmation the evening before the event. Substitution within a team that has qualified for the FireFit Finals are allowed, provided that at least 3 of the original members are still on the team and the substitute is from the same department.

Each competitor will be assigned a number which will match their Start Order # and will be attached to the Air Pak that they will use.

Team times are calculated by taking the three fastest competitors times on the team and adding them together.  This becomes their Team Time.

All equipment worn must be NFPA approved structural firefighting equipment, this includes boots, gloves, helmet, turnout pants & jacket. Liners must remain in your bunker gear. Competitors found not using NFPA approved gear will be disqualified. Hoods and shields are not required.

Team Members must stay OFF the course when they are not competing.

Concerns regarding penalties will be resolved with the Course Marshal and the Referee’s.


Competitor Packages are picked up from the Registration Area in most cases at the time of Registration Confirmation. Competitor Packages include an Event T-Shirt for each team member. Team members who do not compete do not receive T-Shirts. Items not claimed on the day of competition can NOT be sent to competitors, but arrangements may be made to pick them up at future events.

Pins will be awarded to competitors with the following times: Bronze: Under 4 minutes, Silver: Under 3 minutes, Gold: Under 2 minutes 30 seconds, Sub 2 Pin: Under 2 minutes  Sub 1:40 : Under 1 minute 40 Seconds & Under 1:30 : Sub 1minute 30 Seconds. Pins are distributed during and after the Awards Ceremony.

Results will be posted on the FireFit web site

The top 3 teams will receive wall plaques, and FireFit Medallions.  The top 3 finishers in each individual category will receive FireFit Medallions.

Other prizes may be awarded by Sponsors on an event by event basis. FireFit can assumes no responsibility for the delivery of these awards.

Yearly Finals ‘The FireFit Championship Finals!’

Men’s Teams who have competed with a team time of 9 minutes or less and Women’s Teams with 12 minutes or less team time qualify to compete on 2 of the 3 days designated as Wild Card Days at the FireFit Championship Finals.  Wild Card Teams are competing for the 14 to 16 Wild Card spots on Final Day.  Teams who have placed 1st in their designated Regional will receive an automatic Bye onto Final Day. Competitors from each Individual Category will qualify onto Final Day by placing first in their Category within their Region.

Individuals not on Qualifying Teams, who have competed at a Regional Event, can qualify to compete on up to 2 of the 3 ‘Wild Card Days’ for a position on Final Day be meeting the following criteria:

Individuals NOT on Teams

Nationals Qualification Times 

Category Qualifying Time
Chief's Sub 5:00 minutes
Open Women Sub 5:30 minutes
Open Men Sub 2:30 minutes
Over 40 Women Sub 6:00 minutes
Over 40 Men Sub 3:00 minutes
Over 45 Men Sub 3:30 minutes
Over 50 Men Sub 4:00 minutes
Over 55 Men Sub 4:30 minutes
Over 60 Men Sub 5:30 minutes

Individuals on teams who are also eligible for consideration within the individual categories will run with their teams. Their times will count in both the team competition and the individual competition.

Nationals Team Qualification Times

Category Qualifying Time
Open Women Sub 12 minutes
Open Men Sub 9 minutes

Relay Teams who have competed at a Regional Event, can qualify to compete on Final Relay Day (FRIDAY) at the FireFit Championship Finals by meeting the following criteria:

Relay National Qualification Times

Category Qualifying Times
Open Women's Relay Sub 3:00 minutes
Mixed Relay (minimum 1 woman) Sub 2:20 minutes
Open Men's Relay Sub 1:50 minutes
Over 40 Relay Sub 2:10 minutes
Over 50 Relay Sub 2:30 minutes
Industrial Relay Sub 2:00 minutes
School Relay Sub 1:50 minutes

Tec2 Relays, who have competed at a Regional Event, can qualify to compete on 'Tec2 Wild Card Day' (FRIDAY) for a position on Final Relay Day (SUNDAY) by meeting the following criteria:

Tech2 Relays Nationals Qualifying Times

Category Qualifying Times
Tech2 Open Men Sub 2:00 minutes
Tech2 Open Women Sub 3:00 minutes
Tech2 Over 40 Men Sub 2:30 minutes
Tech2 Over 50 Men Sub 3:00 minutes
Tech2 Mixed Sub 2:30 minutes

Moving on to Finals Days
The following chart outlines Examples of past years qualification times and numbers that have moved on from Wild Card Day’s to Final Day.

Individuals NOT on Teams

*Please Note these Times are Examples ONLY”

Final Day Qualifying Times for Individuals NOT on Teams

Category Qualifying Time
Chief's Sub 2:30 minutes
Open Women Sub 3:30 minutes
Open Men Sub 1:55 minutes
Over 40 Women Sub 3:40 minutes
Over 40 Men Sub 2:30 minutes
Over 45 Men Sub 3:30 minutes
Over 50 Men Sub 4:00 minutes
Over 55 Men Sub 4:30 minutes
Over 60 Men Sub 5:00 minutes

Teams qualifying and moving on (Example):

Number of Teams Qualifying for Finals

Category Qualifying Time
12 Bye Teams Qualified from Regional Events
16 Qualifying Teams Qualify from the 3 Wild Card Days at

Relay Team Qualifying Times for Finals:

Relay Teams

Category Qualifying Times
Open Women’s Relay Sub 3:00 minutes
Open Men’s Relay Sub 1:50 minutes
Over 40 Relay Sub 2:10 minutes
Over 50 Relay Sub 2:30 minutes
Mixed Relay Sub 2:30 minutes
Industrial Relay Sub 2:00 minutes
School Relay Sub 1:50 minutes

During the FireFit Championship Finals all qualified relays will need to compete in the seeding round to be held on the Wild Card Relay Day (Friday) with the Final Knockout Tournament being held on Final Relay Day (Sunday).

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