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Nationals Qualifying Times

Individuals not on Teams, who have competed at a Regional Event, can qualify to compete on one of the 'Wild Card Days' for a position on Final Day by meeting the following criteria: Individuals on teams who are also eligible for consideration within the individual categories will run with their teams. Their times will count in both the team competition and the individual competition.


Category Qualifying Time
Chief's Sub 5:00 minutes
Open Women Sub 5:30 minutes
Open Men Sub 2:30 minutes
Over 40 Women Sub 6:00 minutes
Over 40 Men Sub 3:00 minutes
Over 45 Men Sub 3:30 minutes
Over 50 Men Sub 4:00 minutes
Over 55 Men Sub 4:30 minutes
Over 60 Men Sub 5:30 minutes


Category Qualifying Time
Open Women Sub 12 minutes
Open Men Sub 9 minutes
Tech2 Relays, who have competed at a Regional Event, can qualify to compete on 'Tech2 Wild Card Day' for a position on Final Relay Day by meeting the following criteria:

Tech2 Relays

Category Qualifying Times
Tech2 Open Men Sub 2:00 minutes
Tech2 Open Women Sub 3:00 minutes
Tech2 Over 40 Men Sub 2:30 minutes
Tech2 Over 50 Men Sub 3:00 minutes
Tech2 Mixed Sub 2:30 minutes
Relay Teams who have competed at a Regional Event, can qualify to compete on Final Relay Day at the FireFit Championship Finals by meeting the following criteria:

Relay Teams

Category Qualifying Times
Open Women's Relay Sub 3:00 minutes
Mixed Relay (minimum 1 woman) Sub 2:20 minutes
Open Men's Relay Sub 1:50 minutes
Over 40 Relay Sub 2:10 minutes
Over 50 Relay Sub 2:30 minutes
Industrial Relay Sub 2:00 minutes
School Relay Sub 1:50 minutes
During the FireFit Championship Finals all qualified relays will need to compete in the seeding round to be held on the Wild Card Relay Day (Friday) with the Final Knockout Tournament being held on Final Relay Day (Sunday).

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