2019 Results

Courtenay, BC - Southern Pacific Regional

Courtenay Indy Results Bye WC 2019

Courtney Team Results BYE WC 2019

Courtenay Cat Results BYE WC 2019

Courtenay Chief Rookie Volunteer Results BYE WC 2019

Men's Relay Courtenay 2019

Courtenay Mixed & Women's Knockout Relay

Courtenay X3 Results BYE WC 2019


Kamloops, BC - Northern Pacific Regional

Kamloops Individual Results 2019

Kamloops Team Results 2019 W Bye WC

Kamloops Age Category Results 2019

Kamloops Chief Rookie and Vol Results 2019

Kamloops X3 Results 2019

Kamloops Men's Relay 2019

Kamloops Mixed Relay 2019


Edson, AB - Northern Prairie Regional

Edson Individual Results 2019

Edson Team Results 2019

Edson Category Results 2019

Edson Chief Rookie Vol Results 2019

Edson X3 Results 2019

Edson Relays 2019


Spruce Meadows, AB - Southern Prairie Regional

Spruce Meadows Individual Results 2019

Spruce Meadows Team Results 2019

Spruce Meadows Category Results 2019

Spruce Meadows Chief Rookie Vol Results 2019

Spruce Meadows X3 Results 2019

Spruce Meadows Mens Relay 2019

Spruce Meadows Mixed Relay 2019


Quinte West, ON - Eastern Ontario Regional

Quinte West Individual Results 2019

Quinte West Team Results 2019 (2)

Quinte West Category Results 2019

Cobequid X3 Results 2019Quinte West Chief Rookie Volunteer Results 2019

Quinte West X3 Results 2019

Quinte West Mixed Relay Results 2019

Quinte West Women's Relay 2019

Quinte West Men's Results 2019


Port Elgin, ON - Northern Ontario Regional

Individual Results Port Elgin 2019

Team Results Port Elgin 2019

Category Results Port Elgin 2019

Chief Rookie Vol Results Port Elgin 2019

Women's Relay Port Elgin 2019

Mixed Relay Bruce Power 2019

Mens Relay Port Elgin 2019

X3 Results Port Elgin 2019


Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, QC - Quebec Regional

Temiscouata Indy Results 2019

Temiscouata Team Results 2019

Temiscouata Category Results 2019

Temiscouata Chief Rookie Results 2019

Temiscouata X3 Results 2019

Mens Relay Temiscouata Sur Le Lac 2019


Middleton, NS - Southwestern Maritime Regional

Middleton Individual Results 2019

Middleton Team Results 2019

Middleton Category Results 2019

Middleton Chief Rookie Results 2019

Middleton X3 Results 2019

Middleton Relay Men 2019

Middleton Mixed Relay 2019


Cobequid District, NS - Northeast Maritime Regional

Cobequid Individual Results 2019

Cobequid Team Results 2019

Cobequid Category Results 2019

Cobequid Chief and Rookie Results 2019

Cobequid Men Relay 2019

Cobequid X3 Results 2019


Lambton College, ON - Western Ontario Regional

Sarnia Individual Results 2019

Sarnia Team Results 2019

Sarnia Category Results 2019

Sarnia Chief Rookie Volunteer Results 2019

Sarnia X3 Results 2019

Mens Relay Sarnia 2019

Mixed and Womens Relay Sarnia 2019


FireFit World & Canadian National Championships - Oshawa, ON


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Oshawa Wednesday Individual Results 2019

Oshawa Wednesday Team Results 2019

Oshawa Wednesday Category Results 2019

Oshawa Wednesday Special Category Results 2019

Oshawa Wednesday X3 Results 2019


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Oshawa Thursday Individual Results 2019

Oshawa Thursday Team Results 2019

Oshawa Thursday Category Results 2019

Oshawa Thursday Special Category Results 2019

Oshawa Thursday X3 Results 2019


Friday, September 13, 2019

Oshawa Friday Individual Result Oshawa 2019

Oshawa Friday X3 Results 2019


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Oshawa Saturday individual Results 2019

Oshawa Saturday Team Results 2019

Oshawa Saturday Category Results 2019

Oshawa Saturday Special Category Results 2019


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Men's Relay Knockout Oshawa 2019

Mixed Relay Oshawa 2019

Womens Relay Oshawa 2019

Hybrid Men Open Relay

Hybrid Over 50 Relay

Sunday X3 Results

Hybrid X3 Results

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