FireFit Relay

Just getting into FireFit? Why not try the FireFit Team Relay Event?

3 to 5 person teams complete the 7 tasks that make up the FireFit Event. This is fast, fun and is a good way to get your feet wet and learn technique. Those Events that are 2 Days feature a Relay Tournament for those who want more than just 1 or 2 Races, AND like strategy!

Categories include: Men, Women, Mixed, Over 40, Over 50, Over 60, Industrial Relay & Pre-Fire School Relay.

National Categories Include: Volunteer Relay

Here is how it works!

FireFit Team Relay

To compete in the FireFit Relay a team must consist of 3 to 5 individuals who will complete one or more of the seven tasks. All competitors wear full turnout gear (helmet, coat and pants with liners, boots and gloves) and wear but do not breathe from a Scott NxG SCBA. Competitors provide their own NFPA approved structural fire fighting turnout gear. Scott NxG Air-Paks (SCBA) will be provided by FireFit.

For the Seeding Round a start list will be prepared by the FireFit Administrator with course sides determined.  For the Knockout rounds a coin toss will determine the lane (Yellow or Red Course) that the team will run on. The team is then pre-positioned in their assigned locations. Variations apply, but each task must be completed before exchanging the flashlight. The flashlight must be carried in your hand and exchanges are grasp to grasp. You may not touch any piece of equipment prior to the exchange. A 2 second penalty is given for each infraction. The flashlight may not be put in the mouth, pockets or in clips at anytime.

All competitors must compete in each round.  If a competitor does not compete in a round they can NOT continue into another round.

Mixed Relay Rules:

Prior to each race a coin toss will take place and the winning team will have the choice of either picking a side of the course or spinning the wheel to determine what the female members of the teams will do. 

The evolutions on the wheel (Or in the hat, till we get the wheel) are:

  1. Stairs UP
  2. Donut Roll Pull
  3. Stairs DOWN
  4. Force Machine
  5. Run Hydrants
  6. Hose Drag / Show Water
  7. Victim Rescue
  8. Spinners Choice (Yup you choose the evolution!)
  9. Stairs Up / Stairs Down
  10. Donut Roll / Stairs Down
  11. Stairs Down / Force Machine
  12. Force Machine/ Hydrants

Every race will require the evolution to be chosen before the Relay is run including Seeding round, Bronze and Gold Medal rounds.

Here is an explaination of the Relay tasks:
1st Task: Stair Climb with High-Rise Pack.
With flashlight in hand carry a high-rise pack, 4 foot bundle of 4 inch hose weighing 42 pounds, to the sixth floor. The high-rise pack must be deposited in the box at the top of the tower. 
Proper placement is on or in the box, with no part of the high-rise pack touching the deck. The second competitor is already positioned at the top of the tower. Once the first competitor reaches the top of the tower, has one foot on the top platform and has deposited the high-rise pack in the box, he may then make the exchange.

2nd Task: Hose Hoist
From the top of the tower, using a hand over hand motion, pull a 5/8 inch rope to hoist a donut roll of LDH hose (42 pounds). This Task is complete when the donut roll clears the rail and is placed in the designated box at the top of the tower. Proper placement is on or in the box, with no part of the donut roll touching the deck. The donut roll must not leave the top platform; otherwise it will result in disqualification. Competitors 5'6" and under are allowed to stand on the high-rise pack, no penalty will be assessed. Upon completion of the hose hoist the competitor then retrieves and passes off the flashlight, or continues down the tower. When receiving the flashlight the next competitor, must have 1 foot on the top landing of the tower.

3rd Task: Descending the Tower

The Competitor who is descending the tower must touching every stair and use the handrails. Once the competitor has both feet on the ground he/she may pass off the flashlight to  the next competitor who is on or moves to the force machine.  Please note the force machine can not be used to enable the exchange.  Exchanges must be grasp to grasp and in clear view for the official. 

4th Task: Forcible Entry
Once on the Force Machine the competitor uses a Trusty Cook 9-pound shot mallet to move the beam. This Task is complete when the end of the beam crosses the line. Upon completion of this task, the competitor places the mallet on the designated 4' x 4' area, picks up the flashlight and hands it off to the next competitor.

5th Task: Run
This competitor runs140 feet around the hydrants as fast as he/she can, then hands off or shoulders a 1 3/4 inch fully charged hoseline. Note: If passing off the flashlight to a waiting competitor the nozzle must not be touched until the flashlight has been exchanged grasp to grasp.

6th Task: Hose Advance
The hose advance competitor shoulders a 1 3/4 inch fully charged hoseline and drag it 75 feet. Once the nozzle crosses the 75 foot mark, the competitor opens the nozzle, hits the designated target with the stream of water, shuts the nozzle and places it on the ground. If the nozzle is not shut before it is placed down, the competitor must go back and close it before passing the flashlight. Failure to do so results in a 5 second penalty. Once the hose advance is complete the competitor moves towards the final task and either completes the Victim Rescue or hands the flash light off to the final competitor, who is stationed between the target and victim.

Note: if the nozzle opens again after it hits the ground, there is no penalty and the competitor can continue.

Task 7: Victim Rescue
The final competitor moves to the victim rescue task where a 165 pound Simulaids Rescue Randy mannequin, plus coveralls and boots, must be dragged backwards a distance of 100 feet. Carrying the dummy in your arms or over your shoulder is not permitted. The mannequin must not be grasped by its clothing or appendages. The Relay is complete when the competitor and mannequin cross the finish line breaking the beam and stopping the clock. The mannequins feet must be completely across the blue line.

Note:  The rest of the team must stop at the last hydrant so that the final competitor is not interfered with when crossing the finish line.  Failure to stay behind the last hydrant results in a 2 second penalty.

The FireFit Relay is open to active, medically cleared structual fire fighters, 19 years and older, as well as enrolled, medically cleared pre-fire service school students, 19 years and older. All competitors must sign a waiver and release form prior to accessing the course. Teams may consist of 3 to 5 individuals. For registration costs please see Entry Fee Page. Registration is done through the FireFit On-Line Registration System. Prior to registering a Team for an Event each member of the team must complete an on-line Competitor Profile & Health Questionaire. This is also accessed through the On-Line Registration System.


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