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Want something more challenging? Try the X3 Relay? This is a 2 person Technical Race and features a cylinder exchange at the halfway point. This Race is fast but demands concentration and team work. Each Team Member does one half of the course (front or back) and working together completes an X3 'Quick Change' of an air cylinder.

Categories include: Open Men's, Open Women’s, Over 40, Over 50 and Mixed (male/female). Team members must be from the same Department.

At Regional Events you may compete in more than one X3 category but for Nationals you need to decide which category you wish to compete in.

1st Task: Wearing NFPA Structural Fire Fighting Gear Competitor #1 dons the Scott X3 Air Pak. Time starts when the X3 Pak is lifted off the matt and activates the start beam. Shoulder straps and hip straps must be secured before running the stairs.  The pack is set in a standard way for all Competitors.  All straps undone and cylinder upright and facing out.  All 4 straps need to be pulled and tightened after donning. No touching the Pak prior to the start.

2nd Task: Once the Pak is donned the Competitor runs up the tower using both hands to pull on the handrails.

3rd Task: Once at the top of the tower move to railing and pull up 45lb donut roll of Angus LDH hose. Pull donut roll up and over the railing and deposit in box. *Please note special rule for competitors under 5'6" tall.

4th Task: Move down the stairs touching all stair treads and using handrails.

5th Task: Move to the Forcible Entry Simulator and complete the chopping evolution.

6th Task: Move to the Bottle Exchange Area, where Competitor #2 is waiting to exchange your air cylinder. Competitor #2 is already donned with Air Pak harness (no bottle). Competitor #2 removes Competitor #1's X3 Air Cylinder and passes it to Competitor #1, who then inserts the X3 Air Cylinder into Competitor #2 harness, ensuring that the cylinder clip is secure and bottle is turned on. Competitor #2 is now able to begin their portion of the course.

7th Task: Competitor #2 runs 140' through the hydrants to the nozzle of a fully charged 1 3/4" Angus Hi-Combat hose line.

8th Task: Competitor #2 drags the hoseline a distance of 75'. Once the nozzle is across the line into the Nozzle Zone Competitor #2 opens the nozzle and strikes the target with the water stream. Once target is down and before proceeding to the next Task the nozzle must be closed and placed on the ground.

9th Task: Move to the 165 lb Simulaids Rescue Randy victim. Sit Randy up and lift and move him 100' backwards to the finish line. This Task (and the X3 Relay) is complete when Competitor #2 crosses the finish line and breaks the electronic beam therefore stopping the timing system.

The FireFit X3 Relay is open to active, medically cleared structual fire fighters, 19 years and older, as well as enrolled, medically cleared pre-fire service school students, 19 years and older. 

* Competitors who are under 5’6” in height will be allowed to use a high-rise pak to stand on to do the donut-roll pull.  Once at the top of the tower the competitor will remove the high-rise pak from the box at the top of the tower and place it flat (widest part facing up) on the deck of the tower next to the railing.  They will then be allowed to stand on the pak and proceed with the next evolution the Donut-roll hoist.  Once the Donut-roll is in the box they may continue down the stairs.  The Competitor does NOT need to put the high-rise pak back in the box.  This will be done by the Tower Resetter.

All competitors must sign a waiver and release from prior to competition. X3 Teams consist of 2 individuals from the same Department.  Each member of the team must complete a ParQ-Risko and Competitor Bio Form. This is done through the On-Line Registration System. The fastest X3 Relay Team from each Regional Event qualifies for a bye to the FireFit Championship National Finals. X3 Relay Teams that meet the qualifying times in the table below are eligible to compete in the X3 Wild Card Event held on Wild Card Relay Day (Friday) at the FireFit Championship Finals. The fastest 1/2 of the X3 Teams from the first Wild Card Round will be mixed with the Regional winner Teams. Another round of competition will determine the 8 Fastest X3 Teams, these teams will move on to Final Relay Day (Sunday).

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