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New Mixed Relay Rules!

Hello All Mixed Relay Teams!

This Event has quickly becoming very popular!  We have experienced some issues ensuring that after the Seeding Round that all Members of a team are switching and so with the input from a number of Mixed Relay Team Members we have come up with a new format that we will be trying in Martensville this weekend.  Here are the changes:

Teams will flip a coin and the winning team will have the choice of either picking a side of the course or spinning the wheel to determine what the female members of the teams will do.

The evolutions on the wheel (Or in the hat, till we get the wheel) are:

  1. Stairs UP
  2. Donut Roll Pull
  3. Stairs DOWN
  4. Force Machine
  5. Run Hydrants
  6. Hose Drag / Show Water
  7. Victim Rescue
  8. Spinners Choice (Yup you choose the evolution!)
  9. Stairs Up / Stairs Down
  10. Donut Roll / Stairs Down
  11. Stairs Down / Force Machine
  12. Force Machine/ Hydrants

Every race will require the evolution to be chosen before the Relay is run including Seeding round, Bronze and Gold Medal rounds.

We hope that this new format help elevate the need to police teams and make the Mixed Relay even more fun!

See you on the course!


  • By Admin
  • last updated: Jun 20, 2016


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