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Hello All! FireFit World Finals is OPEN For REGISTRATION! If you have qualified you will have received an email stating that you have received a WildCard Spot or Bye Spot. When you login the system will show what you have earned by competing at a Regional Event. If you have not yet competed at a Regional then you will not have earned a WC or Bye spot yet and therefor will not be able to register for FireFit World Finals.


For our International Competitors you will need to create a Competitor Profile in the FireFit database. In most cases your Fire Department will not be in our database yet so you will need to request a Department be added to our database. IMPORTANT This usually takes 12 to 24 hours. Once it is added you will receive an email confirmation and be able to finish your Competitor Profile. Registration for International Competitors is a 2 step process as we need you to go in and Register on the FireFit website for the International Event you competed in. There is no cost of course, it is so that we can mark you as receiving a WildCard or Bye spot from your International Event. Then once this is done FireFit will mark if you have received a WC or Bye, you will receive the email stating which and then you will be able to go in and Register for FireFit World Finals.


Any questions please contact

We are excited to see you in beautiful Spruce Meadows!!!

The FireFit Team.

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  • last updated: Jun 20, 2016


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